Online Safety Bill : New Year. Same Threats.

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One thing which has seemingly gone a little quiet has been concern about the Online Safety Bill. A big reason for this is it’s slow movement through parliament (and it’s own delays) but also a little bit naivety. Before Christmas it seeked to pass the report stage, but was sent back for amendments. It now seeks to pass the report …

The graphic has a pale pink-lined geometric pattern on a white background as the background of the entire image. In the centre is a graphic of a plain white piece of note paper. The top left and bottom right corners of the image have graphics showing a strip of pills and a graphic of a virus. The paper has, from top to bottom, the SNAP logo in gold, the title text “Everything You Need To Know About: Syphilis”, a line of red square dots, the body text “Be sure to head over to the SNAP website to read the first of our new Sexual Health informational blogs!”. To the left of the paper graphic is a pale yellow speech bubble with the text “Got a topic you want to know more about? Leave your questions/suggestions in the replies, message on our Slack or email Admin!”

Everything You Need To Know About: Syphilis

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This document is designed to be a first stop brief overview of everything you – as a performer/individual – needs to know about Syphilis. What is syphilis? Syphilis is a “sexually transmitted infection caused by a bacteria. It can be serious if it’s left untreated or passed on to a baby during pregnancy or childbirth.” How can you catch syphilis? …