Ensuring Safety in Content Collaboration

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Collaborating with Safety First

With the rise of Clip Stores, and fan sites such as Onlyfans, collaboration among artists has become a necessity for most. However, as we embrace the opportunities to work with fellow performers, it’s paramount that we prioritize our safety and well-being. At SNAP, we’re committed to helping create an environment where performers can collaborate freely, express themselves, and thrive, all while ensuring a safe and respectful workspace.


The Importance of Checking References

A pivotal aspect of ensuring a safe collaboration is the thorough verification of references. This step goes beyond taking someone at their word or assuming safety based on previous collaborations. It involves actively reaching out and directly checking references to gain firsthand insights into a potential collaborator’s conduct and professionalism.


Here are a few tips on checking references effectively:

  • Ask for Multiple References: Don’t settle for a single reference. Multiple references can provide a well-rounded view of your potential collaborator’s work ethic and conduct.
  • Be Specific in Your Questions: When reaching out to a reference, ask specific questions about the individual’s behavior, and  work habits.
  • Listen for Red Flags: Pay attention to any hesitations, vague responses, or overly generic praise. These can sometimes indicate underlying issues.



Communication and Boundaries

Open and clear communication is the cornerstone of any successful collaboration. Before you start working together, have an honest discussion about expectations, boundaries, and the scope of the project. This not only sets the stage for a productive partnership but also helps in establishing mutual respect and understanding. Pre shot consent checklists can be a great tool. You can find one here 


Safe Spaces for Creative Expression

Creating a safe space where everyone feels comfortable expressing their ideas and concerns is crucial. This includes respecting personal boundaries, being mindful of language, and fostering an environment where everyone can speak up without fear of retaliation or judgment.


April Paisley: Your Point of Contact for Safety Concerns

We understand that even with the best intentions, concerns and issues regarding safety may arise. That’s why we’ve appointed April Paisley as your dedicated point of contact for any safety-related concerns or questions. April is committed to ensuring that the UK adult industry remains safe, inclusive, and supportive for all.


Should you have any concerns or need advice on safety protocols when collaborating with other performers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to April at april.paisley.snap@gmail.com]. Your safety and well-being are our top priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.