Location – Where you can and can’t shoot


There’s a lot in the location of where you can and can’t film adult clips which, unfortunately, a lot of people do not know. This may be that someone they trust told them something was OK. Or they saw someone else do something and assume it was fine. There’s a lot I am going to say here which is meant …

Online Safety Bill : New Year. Same Threats.


One thing which has seemingly gone a little quiet has been concern about the Online Safety Bill. A big reason for this is it’s slow movement through parliament (and it’s own delays) but also a little bit naivety. Before Christmas it seeked to pass the report stage, but was sent back for amendments. It now seeks to pass the report …

ID Verification

UK Regulations and ID Verification

Sahara KniteSeminars

This seminar was set up for Jamie to disseminate the information he’s learned from a couple of years in this field. Tackling legislation in the adult field, governmental direction and regulation, from the days of ATVOD, through into the latter regulation by OFCOM. Now Jamie shares his insight on the upcoming UK Online Harms Bill and how it may affect your adult online business.