Wishtender loses payment processor – important info for UK creators

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Wishlist site Wishtender has announced on twitter that they are no longer able to process payments on Stripe due to an “unexpected policy change”

The website allows people to wishlist anything, save for a goal, so on – with friends/family/fans able to contribute towards that.  Because of this, it has become quite popular in the adult industry – especially as Wishtender will send the user the money received so they can purchase the goal.  This makes it handy for deposits, custom payments and more.

There is a little grace period so UK (and other non-US) creators can still request/receive any balance held until Monday 19th February, 2024 – money in can not be received after this Friday, 9th February.

For users who may struggle to meet this deadline, Wishtender have suggested getting an account with Wise and switching to a US account, this will extend the deadline until March 15th, 2024

While it is not all bad news, in their statement Wishtender state they have found a new partner, which will be implemented – however the advice is to withdraw funds to avoid delays and fees.

For further help and support, Wishtender ask people to use the live chat on their homepage, rather than DMs