SWARM Hardship fund application for UK sex workers


SWARM Hardship fund application for UK sex workers

The SWARM hardship fund is now open for applications. If you would like to apply for funds please fill in this Google form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfhycQipflGlHZBL3rWyaqBEAb-kFl-1RL–chKRfKJRI_IIw/viewform

Am I eligible? 

You do not need to tell us details about the hardship you’re facing if you prefer not to – only to confirm that you meet the criteria. It’s an honesty system, we will not ask for proof of your financial circumstances or assess whether you ‘deserve’ funds. 

To be eligible for a payment, you need to:

  • Be currently making your living doing in-person sex work in the UK
  • In, or at imminent risk of, severe financial hardship in the next few weeks
  • Have no savings to fall back on

Please click on this link for more information https://www.swarmcollective.org/hardship-fund