Statement Clarification

Alice MayflowerPress release

Following our earlier statement, SNAP would like to clarify what was meant and why the statement was published.

SNAP has a members-only Slack (a message board of sorts) that members can use to have discussions, share information and generally network with each other, on Tuesday (11th Oct 2022) a message was posted on Slack discussing a personal opinion about how the Adult Industry should operate in regards to those that offer bareback/unprotected services with a specific focus on escorts/party girls that then went on to film porn scenes. This initial message, which was a personal opinion held by someone that at the time had a position on the SNAP committee, then called into question SNAP’s official stance on the matter.

As SNAP works directly with every sector of the Adult Industry, the Committee decided it was best to make a public statement to address the comments that had been made about SNAP in the discussion on Slack. 

The main comment that SNAP wished to address was the idea that SNAP “condoned” or “applauded” bareback/unprotected services.

SNAP doesn’t support high-risk activities. SNAP, however, does stand to support everyone working in the Adult Industry, which means we have to advise against activities that could cause harm to those engaging in them and that could bring harm to others they work with.

We understand that not everyone will feel that they are able to avoid engaging in high-risk activities – such as providing unprotected/bareback escort services – but we as SNAP must try to balance our response and promote best practices. This is why our statement said we don’t support unprotected/bareback escorting and why we have signposted to groups/organisations we believe are best placed to support those most in need.

SNAP fully understands that every individual needs to make their own choices and will do what they feel they have to in the end. We are not judging someone for having to make that decision, we will never turn someone away for having to make difficult decisions and we will offer support when we can. We are aiming to support individuals so that they are better placed to no longer feel that they have no other choice. All that SNAP wants to do is provide support to those we can, signpost to services that are more specialised and experienced when it’s appropriate and help share the knowledge of our members across the industry.

We apologise for any distress caused by the lack of explanation for our earlier statement and we encourage anyone that wishes to share their thoughts/feedback to contact us directly so that we can provide an in-depth response. Please email