SNAP Networking Event – 29th September

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Midlands, UK (7th October 2022) – UK Adult Industry body SNAP inaugural regional networking event hailed a success.

Traditionally SNAP has been synonymous with annual let-your-hair-down party events in London but in response to community wishes, have embarked up a program running regular more regional networking events. Designed more as B2B events where creators, performers, producers and those in the supporting industries could make contacts and talk shop. The attendee list for which was closely vetted with the event being set up specifically for folks already verified and working in the industry.

The inaugural get-together was held at the ‘Roxy’s Den’ swingers club venue in the Midlands, easy to get to and allowed some 30 or so industry members to meet, mingle, and do business.

It’s not always easy for folks such as myself, who have multiple life commitments to get down to London for the big annual events” explained ringmaster for the evening, Producer Robin Banks ( He went on “The fact that it was very much a networking event meant we could concentrate on getting some proper business done. It was good to finally meet some folks we’ve worked with online and also opened some other avenues of business for us

Other attendees echoed the positivity following the event. Dutch producer Cheffie Shot (DM Productions) “First local B2B meeting for adult industry professionals was great! We are always short of opportunities to vet male actors. Due to the local B2B meeting we found some new ones who show great potential.

SNAP secretary and Producer Steve (Lacey Starr productions) added “The whole evening was a tremendous success, with a surprisingly large attendance for a first ever regional networking event. Roxy’s Den made for a perfect choice as the venue to host proceedings, and the relaxed and informal atmosphere provided an ideal space in which industry workers of all types could socialise and connect.

VR producer Jimmy Draws ( waxed lyrically “An amazing local event, as SNAPs first regional event I was unsure what to expect but was blown away by both the numbers of people attending and the friendliness of everyone, from the organisers to the guests.” Adding “The venue was easy to find, and perfect for the event. It felt very relaxed knowing that everyone involved, including the owner, was part of the adult industry.

The networking aspect of the event was perfectly done, with a mini-speed dating approach it meant being encouraged to speak to people you might not otherwise. Everyone mingled with everyone! It was wonderful to meet some newer faces and reconnect with some older ones. The greatest aspect of this industry is the many diverse people in it, and the SNAP event really encompassed that.”

A great local turnout to help strengthen SNAP ambitions to support and growth both itself and those in the industry” agreed new London creator ‘Resolute Horse’.

“We are always grateful for the support we receive from SNAP.  The event was a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge with other producers and performers.  It was well organized and everyone was made to feel welcome. We will definitely attend other regional networking events organized by SNAP.” Added lesbian wrestling producer Paul Rain 

SNAP is the ‘Support Network for Adult Professionals’ and is a voluntary, non-profit community interest company. SNAP brings together the UK’s Adult Industry and provides members from all branches of Adult Professionals (performers, content creators, producers, webmasters, etc.) with quality support, education and advice.

Formerly a predominantly producer-led and focused group, SNAP is now a more inclusive association. The makeup more geared towards helping, educating and supporting people who make a living from the adult industry. SNAP aims are to attract a more diverse demographic of members from a range of roles in the industry, in order to help us all improve our businesses.


Twitter: @SNAP_Together