SNAP Annual General Meeting 2024: A Year of Triumphs and New Horizons

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Date: February 12, 2024

SNAP Annual General Meeting 2024: A Year of Triumphs and New Horizons

The Support Network for Adult Professionals (SNAP) held its Annual General Meeting on February 9, 2024, marking a year of significant accomplishments within the UK adult entertainment sector. Despite the successes of 2023, SNAP, under the guidance of Chairperson Mark Hassell from CAM4, is geared up for even greater achievements, with a bolstered committee that includes new key members like Adreena Winters and Estella Bathory, among others.

The AGM highlighted SNAP’s pivotal initiatives of the past year, including the celebrated SNAP Awards, collaborative efforts with sexual health entities like Dean Street Express and 10 Hammersmith, and the organization’s crucial work in addressing abuse cases and providing menopause support. These feats were accomplished amidst financial growth and an increase in membership for the Community Interest Company.

Looking ahead, SNAP aims to broaden its diversity, enhance member engagement, organize a variety of events, and boost its digital footprint through fresh content and innovative features. “Our committee is driven by volunteers who balance this work with their careers. Yet, our ambitions are vast, and we’re expanding and diversifying the SNAP team to reach our goals,” stated Hassell.

The 2024 SNAP Committee boasts a diverse array of talents, with Adreena Winters stepping in as Content Manager, Paul Matthews as Sales & Market Lead, Dick Salacious as Tech Lead, Paul Rain as Operations Administrator, and Estella Bathory as Events Lead. They join forces with existing members like Lacey Starr, April Paisley, Steve Starr, and Kev-Eyemblacksheep to propel SNAP’s mission forward.

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About SNAP

SNAP stands at the forefront of advocacy for the adult entertainment industry, championing professionalism, health, and safety. Through active community involvement, educational programs, and support services, SNAP is committed to empowering individuals and cultivating a respectful and dignified industry culture.

2023: A Year in Review for SNAP

  • Community Empowerment: SNAP enhanced dialogue within the adult industry, enabling effective responses to abuse and fostering a supportive environment.
  • Mental Health Support: The organization offered prompt mental health support, sharing inspiring recovery stories from industry performers.
  • Health Initiatives: Through workshops and partnerships, SNAP addressed crucial topics like STI awareness and menopause, keeping industry professionals well-informed.
  • Digital Engagement: SNAP’s online platform saw remarkable growth in 2023, with increased visitor traffic and engagement, highlighting its influence and reach.
  • Events and Membership Expansion: The SNAP Awards and Christmas Party attracted extensive participation and sponsorship, mirroring the growing enthusiasm and support for SNAP’s efforts. Membership soared to over 400, including a rise in supportive members.
  • Financial Resilience: Treasurer Seb unveils SNAP’s robust financial report, bolstered by increasing membership enrollments and event sponsorships, showcasing a solid financial foundation