Sexual Health Basics

Sexual Health is a crucial part of the adult sector.
New things are being discovered all the time. So please take a moment to refresh your knowledge as part of ongoing professional practice.

This info is helpful if you are production staff, a performer, content-creator, cam performer etc. Don't miss something important by assuming you were already up to date on all the subjects.

Please watch the videos below covering sexual health.

Info about certificates is beneath these videos.


Please be aware many Sexual Health clinics can provide your test results as a certificate. Check that the clinic is not expecting a surcharge for this service, if they are please refer their staff to this self assessment site. The tool supports their clinic in this provision. Also the BASHH guidelines for Sex Worker services also states for clinics not to charge for certificates needed for work in porn

Certificates should contain:

  • Your legal name
    Ensure that the clinician has  seen your ID so that your certificate can have "ID seen" written on it. Check with the clinic as not all do this. This means when you present your certificate along with your ID at the production, it can be confirmed these are your results.  This is also good practice in content-creation

  • Your date of birth
    This can be used as for alternative ID confirmation

  • The date these tests were taken

        • If you are new do ask for a Hep B, Hep A and a HPV vaccination. Not all clinics will offer a Hep A or HPV vaccination so ask for your options
          • There are STIs that NHS clinics do not test for without you presenting with symptoms. Such as Mycoplasma Genitallium and Trichmoniases. So please aim to get tested for these minimum once a year privately

          • Lowered prices have been negotiated for you for certain tests with the private clinics listed on our clinic finder. These clinics will also help you access the HIV PCR test, paired with this page you may have this access subsidised for equal opportunity