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Pornhub Trends of 2022


Pornhub have released their ‘review of the year’ for 2022 which showcases the trends they found throughout the year.

This is information many creators may find useful.  For example, if some trends are in an upward trajectory, it seems a good time to make more content of those styles.

But also, you may see terms people are searching for which gives you more ideas of tags and keywords to use in your content and descriptions.  (For example “Mature Brunette” as a descriptor)

Other things of interest is what times are “hot” or “not” for people looking for content, it seems that “hybrid working” has had a big impact on the types of times that people search.  The infamous 9am Monday morning slot seems to have been lost, but Sunday evenings seem very popular!

Another thing of interest is that the average time spent on Pornhub now seems to be 9 minutes 54 seconds.  It’s interesting that a few years ago this was just 8 minutes, which led to more creators targeting 8 minutes for their clip length – perhaps the rise in average view time might see new trends in creation.

The full article is available here.  It’s worth a read over to see how things have changed in what customers are looking for.