Pleasure Network launches ‘PleasureNifty’

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Pleasure Network is pleased to announce the launch of the eagerly awaited “PleasureNifty” the decentralized web3 NFT minter, launchpad, and multi-chain marketplace empowering creators. It is truly the first of its kind.


Powered by $NSFW, PleasureNifty is a software suite of powerful creator tools that allows creators to make and distribute their own ERC721 and ERC1155 NFT collections with images, audio, video and 3D game assets on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Each creator owns the collections that they make, which they can sell on the open market. By having control over their own data, they are empowered to create, engage their fanbase and showcase their best content through NFTs.


PleasureNifty is an invite-only marketplace and NFT minter for creators. The creator’s wallets must be whitelisted to unlock the creator tools.

The beta launch of the PleasureNifty web3 minter, launchpad and marketplace is a revolutionary step forward for adult creators. With PleasureNifty, creators will have the ability to easily create and manage their own smart contracts, giving them complete control over their digital assets and the way they sell and distribute them.

Pleasure Network CMO Mark Hassell goes on to say “The ability to make your own smart contracts opens up a world of possibilities for creators. No longer will they have to rely on intermediaries to manage their digital creations, as they will be able to handle the process themselves. This will result in a more streamlined and efficient experience for creators, allowing them to focus on what they do best: creating. “

The launch has already seen some amazing collections go live including “Anima Erotika” from Kaiju Mary, “Shadow & Banshee” from Niftydan.nft, “Liberation of Womxn” from LivXJem, “The Meeting Room & The PolyAnnie Pleasurely Collection” from PolyAnnie as well as Wastelands Tease Collection.

If you’re a creator/ artist looking to create collections on PleasureNifty, please follow the link & fill out the form to join our whitelist