About SNAP

Established in 2003 as "United Kingdom Adult Producers" (UKAP), rebranded into "United Kingdom Adult Professionals" (UKAP) in 2019. The organisation rebranded again in 2021 into "Support Network for Adult Professionals" (SNAP), more information on this can be read here.

The organisation now runs as a voluntary, non-profit community interest company. SNAP brings together the UK’s Adult Industry and provide members from all branches of Adult Professionals (performers, content creators, producers, webmasters, etc.) with quality support, education and advice. The acronym SNAP is made up of four words we feel are inclusive and reflect the diverse make up of the adult industry we all belong to;
Support Network (for) Adult Professionals.

As what was formerly a predominantly producer-led and focused group, SNAP is now a more inclusive association. Our new makeup is more geared towards helping, educating and supporting people like you, who make a living from the adult industry. Our aims are to attract a more diverse demographic of members from a range of roles in the industry, in order to help us all improve our businesses.

SNAP membership provides access to a diverse and knowledgeable member base, with decades of experience in all areas. We help to provide advice for people in the industry, including important safety developments, mental health and sexual health issues. We can also help with information regarding copyright infringement, data protection, and important paperwork.

‘SNAP’s mission is to bring together the UK adult industry and its allies. We provide members with sound advice and support.  Our aim is to protect and recognise the work of performers, productions and distributors alike. When Sahara was voted chairperson in 2019, there was a movement where we saw a lot of models using “content creator” platforms, and so we expanded our remit to include all people within the evolving adult industry.'

More recently we bought additional committee members on board and expanded again to include advice with things like our COVID Toolkit, regular seminars, networking opportunities, socials and awards. With future plans to bring out eLearning and other useful tools for our members to help support them. We can also support all of our members by providing information and signposting.

Meet the team

Last Updated Feb 2022




With over 19 years of experience within the adult industry space working with companies including adultwork.com, Paul Raymond Publications, NSFW.app, Sunday Sport Newspaper, S66 & Pleasure Network as well as many others. Mark’s background is in Sales, Marketing & Business Development, which he has been doing for 28 years now across a multitude of industries, platforms and media. Currently CMO/Talent Onboarding for Pleasurenet.com




Steve is a cameraman and editor who has been involved in the industry since 2013. He produces content for amateur and professional performers alike and manages Red Sign Studio in Surrey. Steve's skills also include brand-building, marketing and distribution.



April Paisley

Community Liaison & Engagement Lead

April is a hugely successful performer and co-owner of LB Productions and 'Cock-Puppets'. She has a wealth of experience and know-how, and will be responsible for hosting monthly online get-togethers for Adult Industry workers to enjoy an open group discussion & catch-up


Lacey Starr

Sexual Health & Wellbeing Lead

Lacey started working in the Adult Industry in 2013, at the age of 53.
She achieved success with her own LaceyStarr Productions brand and Red Sign Studio.
Prior to being in the industry Lacey worked as a teacher and Psychotherapist, so brings plenty of knowledge and experience to her role as Sexual Health & Wellbeing lead.




Professional accountant with over 10 years of experience within the adult industry.
Specialising in accountancy and taxation no matter the structure. Professional, discrete and confidential.


Jimmy Draws


With just 3 years experience specialising in Virtual Reality Content, Jimmy has made a very successful business in the industry in quite a short time. In his vanilla life Jimmy has over 20 years of IT experience and brings a wealth of Technical knowledge to the team.




Content Manager

Eyemblacksheep has been active as a fetish performer since 2016, setting up his own production in 2019. Also known through his kink blogs.
Always keeping up with latest news and developments in the industry



Spectral Shooter

Operations Administration (Temporary)