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Wellness, Therapy, Mindset, Meditation

-Doing a shoot with other people and want to ensure everything goes smoothly?

-Want to be able to talk freely about work-related issues that affect your wellbeing?

-Want some non-judgemental, solution-oriented help with different wellness topics whether delivered to you individually or as part of a group?

-Have a question relating to physical or mental health but not sure who to turn to?

My name's Lucinda and I'm a trained changework therapist and mindset coach. This is about using breathing, mindfulness, relaxation, visualisation and coaching techniques to help people make lasting change.

My services as a therapist are just one part of Ess Wellness  - my new project aimed at providing wellness services to people in the adult, erotic entertainment or sex work space  - whatever you like to call it.

As someone with 10 years' of stripping experience I am adamant that our jobs should be treated like those in any other industry, and the people who do them should be able to access exactly the same kind of wellness support afforded to others, without encountering prejudice or fetishisation.

I've also got experience putting together group trainings so if there is a wellbeing topic you'd like some help with, get in touch to see if I and my collaborators can put something together for you. Want meditation classes? Let me know.  It's also worth getting in touch to see if I can connect you with other health professionals who I know won't judge.

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