COVID-19 Lockdown Statement from Adultwork: AVT & Escort Bookings


COVID-19 Lockdown Statement from Adultwork: AVT & Escort Bookings

Full statement from AW as of 27th March

“We would firstly like to thank our members for their questions and comments regarding the Escort Services area on the Site during the COVID-19 Lockdown. is accessible from around the World and relies on members to follow the laws and guidance of their own countries and governments. For this reason, we are not proposing to remove the Escorts Category from the Site.

Members are still able to use the ‘Available Today’ facility if they wish to maintain an online presence and make that known. Similarly, members can continue to advertise their phone number through the Phone Number Display feature.

Members are freely able to block emails or remove themselves from the Escort Services category.

We have however temporarily suspended the Escort Booking Facility.

Many escorts are now offering and as a way to protect their income and look after themselves and their families. If you can, please support them online.

We would ask all members to act responsibly. Health and safety are paramount.”

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