Clips4Sale Speakeasy

Clips4Sale Speakeasy 19 October 2022

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I attended last Wednesday’s Clips4Sale Speakeasy, hosted by Anastasia Pierce and it was very informative. I would highly recommend attending them if you can.

A few notes I made:
  • Expanded Traffic Program – C4S is linking your videos onto a number of other websites to drive traffic to your content. The videos are not uploaded into these websites, only a link directing them to your video on C4S.
  • Video Reviewing – If you upload videos in different formats or in separate parts, as long as you upload them for a future date, they will be reviewed by the same person.
  • New Analytics – Hopefully within the next 2 weeks there will be new analytics on C4S which you can customise. This will include where traffic has come from, sales and videos that have been added to baskets but not purchased. It will be presented in a multitude of ways; pie charts, graphs, tables etc.
  • Clips Never Sold – You can run a sales report by logging in, clicking ‘Sales’, then clicking ‘Run Report’. Along with sales, it will also show which videos have never sold.
  • Naming Clips – When naming clips, you want to include as much information so your clip is as high on the list as possible. Adding your main clip category to the title means your clip should appear very high on the list. C4S have written an article on this, “Top 5 Most Important Tips When Adding New Clips”:-
  • Generating GIFs – A lot of video editing software can create GIFs but if not this website was recommended:-
  • Clips Database – Anastasia shared her Clips Database within the webinar. I have a post production database but I really loved this as it looks into the production planning as well as organising what has been edited/uploaded/to be edited. I intend to merge my spreadsheet and Anastasia’s when I have more time but for now, you can tweak this one to suit your needs – Anastasia’s Clips Database
  • Next C4S Speakeasy is 2 November 2022 at 8pm UK Time

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Content from C4S Speakeasy with Anastasia Pierce 19 October 2022