A New Dawn of Change UKAP Rebranded as SNAP (Support Network for Adult Professionals)

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Over the last 2 years, UKAP has moved towards providing an all-encompassing support network for all adult professionals. It has developed into a more inclusive and proactive organization, broadening not just its audience and membership, but its focus and core values to better support industry workers of all types.

Under the clear direction of Chairperson Sahara Knite, a newly formed structured committee, comprising of experienced professionals and specialists in all fields, from sexual health, tax-laws, accounting, web-design,marketing, brand-building, online traffic generation & analysis and eLearning has been put together in what is new dawn for our members and the adult industry across the board.

Having restructured the make-up and fundamental aims of the organization, the transformation is now complete with a rebrand and fresh look in an important and symbolic way of showing an ever-changing and evolving adult-industry that we are ready to help, guide, support and advise where needed. SNAP (Support Network for Adult Professionals) is born.

Sahara Knite said β€œThe team has worked tirelessly since I was elected as Chairperson to make sure the right fundamentals, the right dynamics and the right ethics are in place with SNAP, so we can continue to deliver on what we promise of providing a support network for those that need it. The UK adult industry is a resilient one and this is fully demonstrated on what has been achieved over the past year during COVID pandemic. Our aim is to grow stronger, cover a wider spectrum of the industry and have a much bigger voice for our members, our community, and the adult industry. Together we can do this.

The Support Network for Adult Professionals which now replaces the name and image of UKAP (UK Adult Professionals) is a voluntary, non-profit organisation, created to bring together the UK’s Adult Industry and provide members from all branches of the sector (performers, content creators, producers, webmasters, etc) with support, advice, direction, and assistance.

Over the coming weeks and months, you will see more information on seminars, events, tie ups, benefits and the new direction of the support network representing adult professional.

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